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advocate for victim/survivors of violence || writing for They Matter & published in An Injustice!, COSY, The Collector, Equality Includes You, CrimeBeat, & more

Holly’s body was found decomposing in her ex-boyfriend’s apartment. He fled the country, but was eventually convicted of her murder.

Helen “Holly” Maddux. Image from Unsolved Mysteries Wiki / CC-BY-SA

Missing since November 2, 1952.

Inez Garcia. Image from Santa Fe New Mexican

Found dead August 8, 1990.

Zoeann Gumby. Image from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

Missing since October 20, 1954.

Mary Mabel Hudgins. Image from NamUs / Public Domain

Found dead on November 1, 1991.

Linda Gale Green. Image from Project Cold Case

Missing from 1955.

Ida Mae Lee. Image from NamUs / Public Domain

Remains found December 18, 2010.

Karen Angela Ferrell. Image from Facebook

Missing since November 15, 1971.

Marie Deloris Giles. Image from NamUs / Public Domain

Missing since June 21, 1994.

Rena Mae Rincones Longoria. Image from Missing Persons of America

Found dead on March 29, 1982.

Oksun Kim West. Image from News Herald

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