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Doreen went missing from her home mysteriously. Nine years later her husband killed himself, leaving behind a note of remorse.

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Doreen Marfeo. Image by from / CC-BY-SA

This writing is part of a continuing series on cold cases linked to domestic violence. Cases taken from Unsolved Mysteries.

The case of Doreen Marfeo is on season 6, episode 9 of Unsolved Mysteries.

For legal purposes, the husband in this case was not charged with crimes against his spouse. I have no physical evidence, only circumstantial evidence, the narrative given to us by those involved, and extensive knowledge on the dynamics of domestic and sexual violence. I have tried to make it clear when giving my opinion versus stating objective facts of the case.

Missing since June 3, 1986.

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Sylvia Lourdes Standly. Image from / Public Domain

Sylvia Lourdes (alternatively spelled “,” and also known as ) served a two-week sentence at the Stanislaus County Jail, and was released on June 3, 1986. The 32-year-old mother of two called an unknown boyfriend to come pick her up, let her family know her travel plans, and then disappeared. She was last seen getting into a in .

“No one in our family had ever met (her new boyfriend) and we didn’t know his name or anything about him,” [Sylvia’s sister, Nadine] Arroyo said. “At first we though she had just lapsed back into her drug life and she would eventually come home, but years have passed and we haven’t heard a word from her” (Source: ). …

Missing since July 1, 1960.

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Lyrian Wyvonne Barry. Image from / Public Domain

Although the exact date is estimated, what is clear is that sometime in the summer of 1960, a 22-year-old mother of one named disappeared.

was living a complicated personal life at the time she went missing; shortly after she gave birth the father of her child married another pregnant woman, and she was also romantically involved with a distant relative named Sonny Lucas.

Because of her messy romantic relationships, in the summer of 1960, Lyrian made plans with her younger sister, Betsy Hurt, to move from Columbus, Mississippi to St. Louis and start their lives over.

…Barry set her sights on St. Louis. The plan was for her to stay with an aunt while looking for work. Hurt was pregnant, and Barry was supposed to return to Columbus in August when the baby was born, and they would go back to St. Louis together (Source: Carmen K. …

Missing since April 30, 1968.

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Lillian Culbert Williams. Image from / Public Domain

A 40-year-old teacher named disappeared after attending a class at Grambling College in Grambling, Louisiana. NamUs, a national clearinghouse and resource center for missing person cases throughout the United States, lists her as going missing around January 1, 1967, however, indicate she was last seen on April 30, 1968.

Lillian had two sons at the time, and her family was living in . She had several siblings, and has grandchildren now. Her granddaughter, Angie Culbert, wrote the following on :

Back in the 60’s, my grandmother Ms. Lillian Culbert, disappeared. She left behind two boys whom the youngest is my father. My grandmother went back to college and was living on campus at the time. …

Missing since June 6, 1975.

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Song Im Joseph. Image from / Public Domain

A 20-year-old South Korean woman named went missing from her home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on , under suspicious circumstances. Her husband, a USFK member named , reported her missing on June 8, two days later. The couple were having marital problems at the time Song disappeared.

A report of the disappearance was filed with the Delaware State Police Department [by] Alton Edward Joseph (then 24), a white male living in Rehoboth Beach, a small beach town on the Atlantic Ocean. …

Missing since December 14, 1956.

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Walcie Rae Downing. Image from

December 14, 1956, was the last time that a 32-year-old mother of five named was seen. Walcie, her husband , and their children were living in Gallup, New Mexico, at the time of her disappearance. She was reportedly having difficulties in her personal life, and there is conjecture that she was having an affair with a

She was going through a difficult time with a broken relationship, five children whom she adored and all the struggles such a time produces. It is believed that she may have been attempting to see her children when she disappeared due to accident or intentional desire to prevent her from seeing her children. Her family has memories of some difficulties along that line and that may help authorities to follow up leads (Source: Marilyn A. …

Missing since February 9, 1995.

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Stacy A. Pennant. Image from / Public Domain

A 21-year-old woman named dropped off a friend at his home in Brooklyn, New York, around 11:30 pm on February 9, 1995. She was never seen again.

Her companion stated that he gave Stacy directions back to her home via the Belt Parkway, and she drove off. He added that she was in good spirits, and was excited about her recent purchase of a 1990 blue Honda Civic (Source: ).

Stacy had recently broken up with her boyfriend, but seemed very happy about the decision. At the time of her disappearance there was speculation that it was related to the murder of , a woman who lived two blocks away from Stacy at the time of her death, however, police eventually confirmed that the two cases were not linked. …

Found dead on March 8, 1982.

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Kathy Ann “Sweetie” Miramontes. Image from the / public domain

Police discovered the lifeless body of a woman on March 8, 1982, in Fremont, California, sometime around 5 am. She was badly beaten and her “body showed signs of extreme trauma.” An investigation was launched, and 25-year-old was soon identified as the deceased woman.

The investigation went cold until a few years ago when Fremont Detectives reopened her case.

After meeting with family and friends of Kathy Miramontes, her case was officially reopened in an effort to spark new leads in the investigation and ultimately provide closure to her family. Through an extensive investigation, including interviews with multiple subjects, possible suspects, and family members, it was determined this homicide was an intentional act and possibly related to drug use and sales. …

Remains found on March 27, 1991.

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Sun Nyo “Julie” Lee. Image from the

A 36-year-old South Korean woman named was reported missing by her boyfriend, , on July 6, 1990. later part of her damaged skull was found off High Bridge Road near Monroe, Washington. The of another person were also found, but the identity was never released and it is unclear if they are connected to Julie’s case.

Lee’s skull was found two weeks ago near the bottom of a steep ravine along the Snoqualmie River, southwest of Monroe. The South Korean woman was killed by a blow to her head, said Snohomish County Medical Examiner Eric Kiesel, who yesterday announced Lee’s identity (Source: Diane Brooks, ). …

Missing since August 26, 2007.

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Roxanne Lacson. Image from / Public Domain

Roxanne ’s daughter dropped Roxanne off at her boyfriend’s Makakilo-area house at 7 pm on August 26, 2007. was never heard from again.

45-year-old Roxanne was unemployed and living unsheltered at the time of her disappearance, but regularly kept in contact with her 11 children and eight grandchildren, and attended family gatherings. Her children finally reported her missing after not hearing from her for over six weeks.

“She’s always there for family gatherings, get-togethers. She’s always there. So it’s not like my mom just to up and disappear,” Keola Lacson, missing woman’s son, said. “She calls every two weeks, at least a month or every so often to let us know she’s ok,” Rose Lacson, missing woman’s daughter, said. “Thanksgiving came by. Christmas went by. We haven’t heard from her. …

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